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Discover the best offers on books, courses, and more. Whether you want to improve your coding skills, learn about data science, or explore the latest frameworks, we’ve got you covered.

Before you start, take a moment to think about what you want to learn in the coming year. Consider how much time you have and what you can realistically achieve. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Take the time to enjoy the learning process and take steps towards advancing in your career. You’ve got this! ๐Ÿ˜Š


A Developer’s Guide to Blogging

A Practical Guide to Earning Income through Blogging.

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Battle Ready Laravel

The ultimate guide to auditing, testing, fixing and improving your Laravel applications so you can build better apps faster and with more confidence.

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Boost Your Django DX

Tools and techniques to improve your Django development experience.

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Boost Your Git DX

Make your Git development experience super smooth.

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Building macOS apps with SwiftUI: A Practical Learning Guide

This book will primarily focus on building macOS apps with SwiftUI, including both coding and releasing apps.

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Complete Guide to CSS Flex and Grid

Become a Pro at building components & layouts with CSS Flexbox and Grid. Whether you are a beginner at CSS who’s never heard of flex and grid, or someone who knows all the concepts but finding it hard to implement in real projects, or anywhere in between, this book is for you

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Consuming APIs in Laravel

Build Robust and Powerful API Integrations For Your Laravel Projects With Ease. Learn how to confidently integrate third-party APIs in your Laravel projects using maintainable, testable and extensible code.

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Cracking the iOS Interview

Are you eager to secure your dream job as an iOS developer? Do you want to stand out from the competition and impress hiring managers with your iOS expertise? Look no further! “Cracking the iOS Interview” is the ultimate resource that will equip you with the knowledge, confidence, and insights needed to conquer any iOS interview.

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Dynamic Trio

Dynamic Trio is a practical guide for web developers and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to use React, Next.js, and Tailwind CSS to create modern web applications.

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Hacking with Swift

Hacking with Swift will help you learn app development with UIKit and SwiftUI.

Save 50% off on all Swift books and bundles. From November 13th to December 4th.

Indexing Beyond the Basics

Learn to create database indexes for your slow queries by studying complicated database internals following simple principles.

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Inside the Machine Learning Interview

Inside the world of machine learning interviews with Inside the Machine Learning Interview: 151 Real Questions from FAANG and How to Answer Them, a comprehensive 314-page guide crafted by an ex-Amazonian and former Twitter Staff ML Engineer.

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JavaScript Interview Flashcards

An effortless way to learn fundamental JS concepts and prepare for your next interview.

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Legacy Code: First Aid Kit

14 techniques to rescue any Legacy codebase out there!

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Soccer Betting Books

How to create a soccer betting model with Python and ML and how to build an automated betting strategy

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Written by Shailvi Wakhlu. Your Guide to Getting What You Deserve at Work.

15% discount on signed copies. Until Nov 26th.

Speed up Your Django Tests

This book is a practical guide to making your Django project’s tests faster.

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Tao of React

Proven rules and guidelines to build better React applications. You will learn everything about application structure, component design, testing and performance.

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Tao of Node

Guidelines and best practices to build better REST APIs with Node and Express.

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The Big Git Microbook

A quick guide to commands you will use daily

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The Coding Career Handbook: Guides, Principles, Strategies and Tactics from Code Newbie to Senior Developer

Priceless insights from dozens of developers at the top of their fields. Proven ideas, tested by personal experience, backed by solid theoretical foundations.

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The Engineering Leader’s Playbook: The First 90 Days

A PDF e-book guide to take control of your First 90 Days of leading a team. This book is for Newer Engineering leaders with 0-2 yrs of experience, Tech leads or team leads or leads in any capacity, Tech leads or team leads or leads in any capacity & Developers that are curious about what Leadership looks like.

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The Pragmatic Bookshelf

Founders of the company’s simple goal is to improve the lives of professional software developers. They create timely, practical books, audio books and videos on classic and cutting-edge topics to help you learn and practice your craft, and accelerate your career.

 40% off on all ebooks and audio books ends on November 29. Code turkeysale2023

Wizard zines

Programming zines by Julia Evans

All PDF zines are 50% off with the discount code WIZARDPDF until November 24. Print zines are 30% off with the discount code WIZARDPRINT



Learn Cloud Security, Kubernetes, DevSecOps, and more. 100% hands-on. This course guides security engineers, architects and developers get new skills in AppSec with over 1000+ interactive and hands-on labs.

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Become a Successful Engineering Leader

Learn how to lead a team successfully even if you’ve never managed or led anyone before.

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Build an MVP with Elixir

This video course guides you through the entire process from idea to finished product. Learn how to quickly develop, deploy, and monetize your MVP with Elixir.

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Build Your SaaS AI Web Platform From Zero to Production

Learn how to build your startup as a SaaS AI Web app with Next.js 13, LangChain, ChatGPT, React, Tailwind, Prisma, Stripe in style

62% discount from now until Cyber Monday.


Coursera is serving the world through learning.

November through Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can access Coursera Plus for just $1. Valid until November 24, 2023, 11:59 p.m. PT for new Coursera Plus subscribers only.

CSS for JavaScript Developers

The interactive learning experience designed to help JavaScript developers become confident with CSS.

The course is available at a 50% discount ends on November 29.

Custom Auth Implementation In Laravel: A Practical Guide

Learn about Laravel Auth Guards and assign Guards to a Database Model.

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Build data and AI skills. Unlock the power of data and AI by learning Python, ChatGPT, SQL, Power BI, and more.

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Donโ€™t skip design. Learn design and code, by building real apps with React and Swift. Complete courses about the best tools.

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Event Sourcing in Laravel

A hands-on course to start using event sourcing in large apps.

30% discount from 20th November until Cyber Monday.

Filament Admin Panel Course for Laravel (Updated for V3)

Learn to build Admin Panels using FilamentPHP practically by building two projects along the way.

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Front Line PHP

Learn how to build modern applications with PHP 8.3

30% discount from 20th November until Cyber Monday.

How To Build a SaaS Product

25+ hours of content teaching you everything from authentication, design, payments, security and more.

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How to Use a Design System in Code

A step-by-step walkthrough of using a design system in code.

$9 until the end of Cyber Monday (November 27)

How to Use a Design System in Figma

A step-by-step walkthrough of using a design system in Figma.

$9 until the end of Cyber Monday (November 27)


Learn iOS and Swift, Android and Kotlin & Dart and Flutter development with the largest and highest-quality catalog of video courses and books on the Internet.

Up to 50% off on subscription plans, bootcamps, and more!

Laravel Beyond CRUD

Learn how to build larger-than-average Laravel applications and how to maintain them for years to come.

30% discount from 20th November until Cyber Monday.

Laravel Package Training

Learn how to create a Laravel package from scratch.

30 % discount from 20th November until Cyber Monday.

Laravel with Inertia.js & Svelte: A Practical Guide

Learn Inertia.js Practically using Laravel, Inertia.js and Svelte by building three projects along the way

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Learn Programming With Go (Golang) One Game at a Time

Learn the fundamentals of programming with Go through a lot of exercises & by building your own games!

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Learn Programming in Python at The Python Coding Place

The place to learn Python. A different approach to teaching coding

70% OFF Membership

Learn SQL

Learn SQL with the most comprehensive set of hands-on online SQL courses for teams and individuals

70% Off Flash Sale All Forever SQL package until November 15

Level up with Tailwind CSS

Level up with Tailwind CSS is your journey into mastering Tailwind CSS. We’ll start from the basics, moving on to the unique stuff Tailwind offers. 

50% discount on eBook and Video Course with code BLACKFRIDAY23 valid from 17th November until Cyber Monday

Make Design Systems People Want to Use

A 12-episode video course to help you understand design systems as a software product.

$99 starting on Black Friday (November 24) until the end of Cyber Monday (November 27)

Mastering Nuxt

Learn Nuxt 3 through a real-world app. 

Get Mastering Nuxt 3 Complete for 37% off 

Maven Analytics

If you’re looking to build expert-level BI skills, or if you’ve considered joining our Excel, SQL, Power BI, Tableau, or Python courses in the past, NOW is the time to get on board!

Maven membership 50% off on Monthly and Annual plan.


Develop critical tech skills. Cut cycle times. Build happier, healthier tech teams. And innovate smarter using AI. All with Pluralsight.

50% off for all individual plans

Practical DevSecOps

Hands on DevSecOps, Kubernetes Security, Container Security, API Security, Threat Modeling courses

15% off all courses

Python Problem-Solving Bootcamp

The Python Problem-Solving Bootcamp is a bootcamp focused on writing code.Throughout the bootcamp you will solve 42 programming puzzles over the course of 21 days.

40% Off until Nov 24. CODE: bootcampbf23

Standing Out in 2023: Doing Content Right

In this course, they share everything about creating, writing, and scaling successful blogs and newsletters to millions of readers.

Use the code INTERNET for 50% discount

Tailwind UI + Refactoring UI

Includes access to all 500+ components and templates available in Tailwind UI today, plus all future updates.

Get over 30% off and save $150 for all access and complete package bundle. Valid until November 27.

TCM Security

TCM Security is a veteran-owned cybersecurity company focused on providing top of the line penetration testing, security training, and compliance services.

20% OFF all certifications and live trainings and 50% OFF TCM Academy Memberships with code GobbleGobble23 until November27.

Testing Laravel

Learn how to write quality tests in Pest and PHPUnit.

30% discount from 20 November until Cyber Monday.


Learn new skills. Prove your potential.

50% off with code BLACKFRIDAY50. Offer ends Cyber Monday


The worldโ€™s largest selection of courses. Choose from over 80,000 online video courses with new additions published every month.

Courses from $9.99 until Nov 24.

Vue Mastery

The ultimate learning resource for Vue developers. 

Get 60% off with the Black Friday 2023 discount. From November 13-17.


VueSchool provides tutorials and online courses on Vue.js and modern, cutting-edge front-end technologies from core-team members and industry experts.

Get 60% off a Yearly plan. Closes on November 15th.


If you are an aspiring or experienced Vue.js developer, the Ultimate Vue Bundle contains all the courses to unlock the mastery of the entire ecosystem, from state management done right to building performant websites and everything in between.

Benefit from a big saving of 64% or Build Your Own Bundle. Ends November 24.

Writing Readable PHP

Learn how to write PHP that is a joy to read and easy to understand for you and your team.

30 % discount from 20th November until Cyber Monday.

Zero To Pro Course

Over 3,000 hours of expertise distilled into a single, comprehensive video course to effortlessly elevate you from novice to no-code app development professional in minimal time.

40% off from now until Cyber Monday with code BLACKFRIDAY2023.

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