Navigating the tech industry as a woman comes with its own unique set of challenges. However, these challenges shouldn’t stop you from achieving your goals and making a significant impact. In this blog post, Angie Jones shares some practical tips to help you thrive and succeed in the tech industry.

While some of these tips are geared towards women, many can be beneficial for anyone looking to make their mark in tech. So whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned professional, we hope you’ll find these insights helpful.

1. Know that you belong

Know it in the depths of your soul so that anyone telling you otherwise sounds absolutely ridiculous to you! Do the self-care work (affirmations, saving kudos) that it takes to get to this point.

2. Be your biggest advocate

Do not depend on others to notice you’re doing a good job. You show then tell them you’re killing it! Unfortunately, modesty and humility work against us. Don’t be arrogant, but do be confident.

3. Accept all praise

Women especially have a hard time accepting compliments. When someone does acknowledge your work, own it. Say thank you with a period. No downplaying allowed!

4. Manage your own career

You drive the initiation of raises, promotions, etc. Do not wait on others to start this conversation because many times they won’t.

5. Avoid glue work when you can

We have a natural tendency to want to do the little things (take minutes, write the docs, etc) that keep the ship afloat. Unfortunately there’s little reward in this. It doesn’t compare to the feature work your peers are doing

If you can’t resist doing the glue work, figure out how to lead the effort in getting all the devs to do the work as opposed to you doing it all.

6. Flex your muscles

Speak up in technical meetings, review and comment on pull requests, raise your hand for the meaty work, deliver quality code complete with docs and tests. Become undeniable, take up space!

7. Become an authority outside of the company you work for (Optional)

Speak at a meetup, write a blog post, make a YouTube video. Show your employer that you’re bigger than your immediate role.

While the tech industry can be challenging to navigate, especially for women, it’s not an impossible task. By taking charge of your career, and showcasing your skills, you can overcome the obstacles and thrive in this industry. Remember, your unique perspective and skills are valuable and needed in the tech space. Keep pushing, keep striving, and most importantly, believe in yourself.