Last year, we asked our members whether they preferred to see only jobs with competitive salaries or if they were okay with low-paying jobs. Surprisingly, the majority of respondents said they were okay with seeing low-paying jobs on our job board.

Initially, we were concerned that our job board would attract more low-paying jobs, but we decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, our fears were realized. Previously, we only occasionally received low-paying job postings, but their frequency increased once we started allowing them on our job board. As a result, we have decided to go back to only accepting high-paying jobs from companies.

We need to set the bar high for companies in order to truly promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in tech.

Starting this week, Diversify Tech’s job board will only accept job postings with a salary range of $100,000 or more, unless it is for a non-profit organization. For non-profit organizations, the minimum salary for job postings is $75,000.

Our goal is to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in tech, which includes fair compensation.

If you are committed to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in tech and are looking to diversify your pipeline, we would love to share your technical roles with our community.