When seeking advice in the tech industry, it is important to consider survivorship bias. People often think that their way is the only way to succeed. While it’s good to listen to other people’s stories, remember that the job market is always changing.

What worked in the past may or may not work today. What you needed to know to secure a job in the tech industry about 10 years ago may no longer be enough. Similarly, finding a job during the pandemic, when companies were hiring extensively, may not be the same as finding a job during times of layoffs.

Finding your first job in tech is vastly different from finding your 2nd or 3rd job after you have a few years of experience under your belt. The dynamics of the job market change as you gain more experience and develop a track record.

Also, remember that your experience can be different depending on where you are. The job market is diverse, and what’s true for someone in California may not be true for someone in Wisconsin. Local markets go up and down, so think about the unique dynamics of your area.

Your educational background can also play a role in the opportunities available to you. If you have a Computer Science degree, your prospects may be different from someone who taught themselves. Each path has its own pros and cons, so look for advice that matches your situation.

Remember, the path to success is unique for each individual. Instead of relying solely on generalized advice, seek guidance that aligns with your specific situation and goals. The ever-changing job market requires adaptability and a willingness to explore different approaches.

Connect with others who share similar backgrounds and challenges, and learn from their insights. Recognize that underrepresented individuals may face additional hurdles and biases, but know that success is attainable by forging your own path. Embrace the journey and your unique situation, and find success on your own terms, while staying grounded in research.